Tiare Cottage

Cottage Overview

This cottage was originally named for the Tahitian gardenia because the path to the cottage and the cottage itself are surrounded with tropical plants and flowers indigenous to the rainforest.

The flower is creamy white, pinwheel-shaped with 5 to 9 lobes (each lobe 2–4 cm long) and very fragrant. It is native to the highland shores of the South Pacific and is one of the few cultivated plants native to Polynesia. It is the national flower of French Polynesia and the Cook Islands.

In the pacific islands the extremely fragrant blossoms are used in flower necklaces which are called “Hei” in Tahiti or “Lei” in Hawaii. Flowers are frequently used in women’s hair and the oil from the flower is used to make scented oils and perfume. It has come to be associated with the hospitality and romance of the pacific islands—and so has the Tiare Cottage.

$100Per Night

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Cottage Information

Adventure and nature at an affordable price

Art-1 This small and efficient cottage is often reserved for a week or more because of its remarkably affordable rates. This is the perfect destination for nature lovers wanting to get away from it all yet be within driving distance of other Maui attractions.

The path to the Art Studio Cottage

Art-2 From the loop driveway at the front of the property is a sign that says “private path.” Go down that broad grassy path and follow steps down the trail across the red bridge over a creek bed and through a tropical jungle under a canopy of bananas, stately palms and flowering hibiscus. But straight ahead is the private path down steps leading to the Tiare Cottage. For over 30 years family and guests have enjoyed this unique art studio nestled on the side of this gently sloping cliff. The studio is now used as a guest cottage that even today a is a step back into an unspoiled Hawai’i where time stands still.

The Art Studio which became a guest cottage

Art-3 Originally built as an art studio, this cottage has huge 7.5-feet high side-by-side windows giving wonderful daylight or moonlight from the side of the hill. With an ocean view over the rainforest it has been a favorite place to draw, paint, sculpt, or meditate for the family and visitors. In the past an outdoor woodworking studio was just below the cottage for craftsmen’s projects. The Tiare Cottage is a romantic tropical fantasy come true on Maui. It is a private paradise set in the lush vegetation of the rain forest. Enjoyed by artists to inspire their work, this peaceful hide-away is waiting to inspire you. Just up the main trail you may also enjoy the peace and stillness surrounding the Tibetan Buddhist Stupa, meditate grazing at the ocean and a beautiful open sky on the side of the mountain, practice yoga watching a sunrise, or settle into a chair to read while listening to the birds. In season you can see whales passing in their ancient ritual migration.

“The Cottage is the most magical place I have ever visited. Its were I come to recharge my batteries and write my books.” - Will Johnson, Vancouver Island, B.C.

The front deck

Art-4 The trail leads to the front deck with a private bath house on one side of the deck and the cottage at the other. A gas grill and chairs on the deck make it a place to relax, grill or just enjoy a sun set. Just across the deck is the front screen door to the cottage with a vanity and sink in a short hall leading into the main living area.

Studio living room

Art-5 Through the front glass paneled door is a spacious living area. In front of the 7.5-foot windows are a table and chairs, a day bed under the front windows out to the deck, and a small desk with a phone, and a book case with collectables and books that reflect the eclectic history of the cottage.

Studio kitchen

Art-6 At the end of the living area and to the right is a compact kitchen equipped with cooking utensils and dishes for your stay. A breakfast of juice, fresh fruit and baked breads as well as coffee, tea, jam and condiments are provided for your first morning at the Road to Hana Reserve. The stove top and small refrigerator are powered by butane. The lighting and electricity is provided by solar energy.

Studio loft bed

Art-7 At the end of the studio/living room is a closet with steps up to a queen size bed. The bed has its own set of windows looking out into the tropical forest. From the bed it feels like you are sleeping in a tree house. The queen-sized platform bed has very soft all cotton bedding. When you wake up in the morning you are surrounded with lush tropical greenery. You’ll hear birds singing, the trade winds quietly making their way through the rainforest. Occasionally you can enjoy the sounds of waves crashing on the cliffs or rain on the roof.


Art-8 Just a few steps across the front deck is the private bathhouse with a shower and toilet; it is uniquely appealing. The shower has its own hot water heater. The toilet is a waterless composting toilet like those used in national parks.

Sharing paradise

Art-9 The Tiare Cottage in the Road to Hana Reserve is a subtle blending of Western and Asian influences in color, design and architecture, all nestled in a natural environment of rain forest green, the backdrop of Haleakala, ocean and blue sky. When visited by light tropical rains the ocean is joined with all the colors of the rainbow.

Wind, rain, sun, sky, sea Softly scented air, textures Lovers’ hideway “Thanks for the understated luxury. Thanks for creating such a tropical dream and sharing your paradise. We have been rejuvenated.” - Bill and Becky Sands, Sacramento

The Tiare Cottage Amenities and Facts

  • 200-feet above sea level and half mile from the ocean (safe from tsunamis)
  • Ocean view surrounded by tropical forest and flowers
  • 360-square foot, high ceiling one room cottage with loft, deck and private bathhouse
  • Small kitchen with refrigerator and stove top
  • Kitchen furnished with dishes and cooking utensils
  • Bottled water provided
  • Breakfast of fresh fruit, pastry/breads, coffee and tea is provided for the first day
  • Loft (5.5 x 7.5 ft) with Queen size bed with 100% cotton bedding and towels
  • Living area with daybed (twin size mattress) on main level
  • Living area with round table, chairs, desk and bookshelves
  • Phone
  • Bathhouse has waterless, composting toilet (like in national parks—not an outhouse)
  • Bathhouse has shower with hot water
  • Gas Barbecue grill on deck with chairs
  • Beach chairs, beach towels are available
  • Scenic walks on and off property
  • The first Tibetan Buddhist Stupa constructed in the U.S. is on the property
  • Detailed information on many interesting attractions (see Things to See & Do on our website)
  • The Tiare Cottage is a environmentally friendly experience powered by solar energy.
  • The solar power in this cottage is sufficient to charge batteries for cell phones, laptops, electric shavers, and can power most small devices. Appliances that draw more energy, such as hairdryers, irons, and coffee makers do not work on the system as they exceed the 400Watt limit, and battery bank storage capacity.