The Road to Hana Posted November 26, 2010


The Road to Hana Cottages are on the Road to Hana—the most famous and beautiful drive in all Hawaii.


This wonderful winding road across the north shore of Maui is not so much a drive as 30 miles of access to some of the most wonderful trails, spectacular views, marvelous plants and flowers, towering forests, waterfalls, swimming spots, unique beaches and ocean views that will take your breath away.


From Kahului most tourists drive up highway 36 and past the plantation town of Paia to begin their “Road to Hana experience.” But don’t start counting mile markers just yet. In about 15 miles the highway changes its name to 360 (now a county road) and the mile markers start at 0 all over again.


From Paia the road is two-lane, wide and easy to drive at normal speeds. From mile marker 0 things begin to change. Most of the important things to see begin from this point forward and the mile markers are often the only indication of where you are.


Just past the 2 mile marker is Twin Falls and its famous fruit stand. It is just past Twin Falls that you turn toward the ocean to get to the “Road to Hana Cottages.” This is a great “home base” to explore the many things to see on the Road to Hana.


What we recommend is that you plan to drive to a section of the road or a national park each day and simply stay there most of the day exploring. You can return easily at night to one of our cottages. For a break you can spend a relaxing day at the beach or can explore some of the other things to do in the area listed in our “Things to Do and See” section. Even in a week you will not run out of things to do on the north shore and around Haleakala.


This wonderful road is now a very modern paved, two-lane road all the way to Hana. It curves up and down along the coast and over narrow one-lane bridges. Cars on each side of the bridge simply yield to each other by stopping at the lines marked on either side of the bridge.


At almost every mile marker there are places to stop on the side of the road and things to see. Most important landmarks are not marked on the road, and so you will need a guide book and some adventure to find the really special places. As we have time we will catalog these sites along the Road on this website. If you can, please send us your photos and descriptions of what you found in your explorations on the Road to Hana.